1) How was the JBS Fund for the Amazon conceived?
JBS reached out to in-house teams, as well as academicians, agribusiness executives, financial institutions, and the public and private sectors. This is an in-house movement that extrapolates JBS. A step of which the Company is proud and which, in all modesty, it offers society.
2) What criterion was used to arrive at the figure of R$ 250 million?
The R$ 250 million, with the possibility of reaching R$ 500 million in contributions from JBS, depending on the receipt of donations from other partners, followed technical criteria based on an initial diagnosis by the members of the Board of Directors of the JBS Fund for the Amazon.
3) How were the members of the Consultative Council and the Technical Committee chosen?
They are people highly acknowledged in their professional field, all with an in-depth knowledge of the Amazon Biome, many of them with long-term work in all states of the Legal Amazônia region. The indications came from research institutes, the field of science and the third sector.
4) Will they be remunerated?
All members of the Consultative Council and the Technical Committee will participate pro bono, with no remuneration for the work they will do.
5) Will the resources donated to the Fund enjoy tax breaks? How will they be booked?
The objective of the JBS Fund for the Amazon does not involve fiscal benefits. The cause for conserving and preserving the Amazon Biome is much greater. But it is important to say that the Fund will abide by Brazilian legislation and, depending on the project it supports, it may enjoy some benefit, which will revert to the project itself and to whoever makes the donation, JBS or other stakeholders who contribute resources to the Fund.
6) I have doubts about the JBS Fund for the Amazon, I want to contribute to the Fund or submit my project to receive investment. What should I do?
To clarify doubts, contribute or submit your project to the JBS Fund for the Amazon, fill out the form in the Contact menu.