How to support us

The JBS Fund for the Amazon is an association dedicated to promoting and financing initiatives and projects whose aim is the sustainable development of the Amazon Biome. The institution is open to contributions and partnerships from the private sector, the third sector and multistakeholder groups. JBS has committed to match the contribution from each donation up to an amount of R$ 500 million. The target is to raise the Fund’s resources to R$ 1 billion by 2030.

Who can support the JBS Fund for the Amazon?

Brazilian or international companies institutions in any segment and industry, as well as private individuals interested in being set-up and/or financial investment partners.

The following will be considered types of support


Direct investment in the
JBS Fund for the Amazon;

The following will be considered partners and supporters:


Companies, institutions and/or private individuals that opt for financial investment in the Fund and/or in a supported project, as well as those interested in running a joint project.


KPMG will do the financial audit and all results will be published.