Mission and Purpose

The JBS Fund for the Amazon is a non-profit organization created in 2020 to recover degraded areas and support inclusive and profitable models that generate value for the standing forest.

To achieve these results, we work within three main areas of activity: Production Chains in Open Areas, Bioeconomy and Science and Technology.

Together they leverage and enhance productivity in degraded areas and strengthen the business ecosystem generated around the standing forest. The Science and Technology axis is transversal, and supports disruptive and structuring solutions capable of adding value to forest products and developing connectivity, mobility and renewable energy.

The supported projects must have as principles the restoration and conservation of biodiversity, encouraging the reduction of poverty, territorial inequality and respect for scientific and traditional knowledge.

We create options for prosperity in the Amazon biome that inhibit deforestation and degraded areas.

We support inclusive, profitable and more productive impact businesses, resulting in better quality of life, recovery and conservation of the biome.





  • Companies

  • Foundations

  • Governments

  • Multilateral Institutions


  • Civil society

  • Universities

  • Governments

  • Private businesses


  • Family Farmers

  • Extractives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Ribeirinhos

  • Quilombolas

  • Indigenous